Holland House School

Holland House School

Aims & Ethos

 Aims & Ethos

Holland House is an academically selective school that provides a high-quality learning environment which aims to provide an opportunity for every child to reach their potential. We recognise each child to be unique with individual needs and talents. We support pupils’ development in a stimulating and creative academic environment. Pupils are well prepared for their next school and for their future lives in a fast moving and challenging world.

   Holland House School Aims:

  1. Providing a school where children are happy, secure and productive
  2. Providing an education with breadth and strong academic foundations through which pupils’ flourish
  3. Providing an education underpinned by strong relationships between teachers, pupils and parents 
  4. Imparting the best of traditional values as a central theme running through a Holland House education
  5. Fostering robust relationships with leading secondary schools
  6. Rewarding achievement in whatever field

    Our aim is to provide a school where children are happy and productive.  We believe that education can be fun and that high academic achievement          does not preclude enjoyment of school life.

    We believe that confidence and self-esteem, even in the young child, follow intellectual development be it academic or moral.     

    All children are strongly motivated by the staff to give of their best in the belief that every child has something important to offer.  Achievement, in                whatever field, is rewarded.

    Each child is helped to discover and do what is right, to continually develop all the qualities of good character, including productiveness, honesty and          justice to all.

    Holland House School seeks to identify the most that each child can do and then make it possible for each child to achieve the most.

   The 4 Virtue Pillars of Holland House School

    Here at Holland House, we believe there are a multitude of factors that contribute to good Mental Health, Wellbeing and Academic Success. We aim            to teach and model these behaviours through our, curriculum, ethos and daily interactions with the children in our care. They are embodied in The 4            Virtue Pillars Of Holland House School.

    These are the Moral Virtues which allow us to act well in situations that require an ethical response; the Intellectual Virtues which have nothing to do            with one’s IQ, but with Right Action, the pursuit of knowledge, understanding and truth. They are also the Civic Virtues, those which are necessary for           engaged responsible citizens, contributing to the common good and the Performance Virtues: the ones that are anchored in the Growth Mindset and            ultimately enable all the others.

    Ultimately, we hope our pupils will leave us with Phronesis: Good Sense, embodying the golden middle between deficiency and excess. That they will        then be able to navigate adolescence and the world beyond with good judgement and excellence of character.