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Holland House School


This new competition invited EYFS and KS1 pupils to work together to create a short story with the theme 'The Adventure'. The winning stories will be published in a book!

Well done to our Year 2 class who were one of the winners and will feature in the book! Their story is below:

The Adventure

One dull day, Emmy sat idle on the cold shivering steps. The smell of sizzling street sausages wafted through the air and noisy traffic surrounded her. Her head hung low, and her shoulders slumped. Suddenly, a waxy colourful crayon calmly rolled towards her like a soft ball.

“What are you waiting for?” demanded the crayon! Emmy’s jaw dropped open and she stood as still as a statue! Slowly, Emmy drew a large archway on the rough white walls of her bedroom. As it transformed into a mystical wooden door, Emmy took a deep breath and in she went!

Cautiously, Emmy reached out to a giant iridescent bubble floating before her, ‘POP’. Emmy was surrounded by a wonderland of memories from the past! Grandma sitting on a wooden chair, knitting a lovely soft scarf for Emmy to wear. Playing ball on the soft sand, laughing, running, with dad holding her hand. Emmy’s eyes glistened. She leapt onto a magical carpet, her heart pounding as fast as a cheetah. She flew and she flew and flew up in the shimmering sun drenched sky, through the marvellous mountains sprinkled with snow.

Tick tock, tick tock! Emmy stared at a giant golden clock sat comfortably at the top of a tall tower. “Mum will be wondering where I am.” She looked around for the doorway and began to panic! As she thought of her mum she smiled and reached into the pocket of her corduroy dungarees. She clutched hold of the crayon and held it out in front of her. “SNAP” Emmy was home.

Holland House School, Year 2