Holland House School

Holland House School


HHS was excited to be participating in this year’s ISA North London Art Competition. The winners are:

Reception (Seascape)              Art 3D Group             1st Place

Nidal Durmaz (Runner Bean)   Photography             1st Place

Zephaniah Lau (Phoenix & Salamander) Drawing   2nd Place

Keya Shah (A Perfect Day)      Art 2D Individual       2nd Place

Insiya Asghar (Fluffy Cat)         Art 2D Individual       2nd Place

Year 5 (Lesser Spotted Woodpecker)                        2nd Place

Isha Modi (Paul Klee Studies) Sketchbook                2nd Place

Arya Shah (Birds)                     3D Individual              2nd Place

Reception (Senecio)                Textiles group             2nd Place

Alisha Gada (Sunflower Tote Bag) IndiTextiles          3rd Place

Reception (Butterflies)             Art 3D Group              3rd Place

Year 2 (Happy Clown)             2D Group                     3rd Place


HHS also entered the ISA National Art Competition in November 2021 and the winners are:

Reception (Seascape)              EYFS 3D Group            1st Place

Nidal Durmaz (Runner Bean)  KS1-KS2 Photo             2nd Place

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