Holland House School

Holland House School

Beyond the Classroom

Holland House School prides itself on its provision of a fantastic range of opportunities, activities and clubs on offer to our children above and beyond the classroom. Whether they love sport, enjoy the creative arts, is an aspiring dancer or is interested in Chess, Art, Table tennis or even Bollyfit, the school has a club for them to enjoy. The full list of extra-curricular clubs – please see below, illustrates the breadth of choice on offer. All clubs are led by enthusiastic teachers with a specialist interest in their subject, with the common aim to ensure that the children are engaged, have fun working together and are learning new things.

The academic year is also punctuated with fantastic trips to art galleries, museums, nature parks, activity centres and wildlife centres in order to augment each child’s interest and curiosity in their academic subjects. Three residential trips are also organised, one for the Year 4 group, one for the Year 5 group and one for the Year 6 group, who have a huge amount of fun creating lasting memories on their adventures together.


Wrap Around Care:

Breakfast Club                         Monday - Friday     07:30 - 08:15

Prep (Homework) Club          Tuesday - Friday     15:45 - 16:30 

Wrap-around Care                 Monday - Friday     15:45 - 17.20


Monday        15:45-16:30 Drama (Yrs 1+2), Chess (R, Yrs 1+2), Art (Yrs 3-6)

                      16:35-17:20 Chess (Yrs 3-6)

Tuesday        15:45-16:30 Digital Art (R), Card Craft (Yrs 4-6), Reading for Meaning (Yr 6)

                       16:35-17:20 Reading for Meaning (Yr 4)

Wednesday  15:45-16:30 Art (Yrs 1+2), Performing Arts (Yrs 3-6)

                       16:35-17:20 Reading for Meaning (Yr 5)

Thursday       15:45-16:30 Tap (Yrs 1-3), Critical Thinking (Yrs 5+6)

                       16:35-17:20 Critical Thinking (Yrs 3+4), Tap (Yrs 4-6)

Friday             15:45-16:30 Arts and Crafts (R), Digital Art (Yrs 1+2), Bollyfit (Yrs 3-6)

                        16:35-17:20 Table tennis (Yrs 3-6)