Holland House School

Holland House School

Whole School Science Day July 2024

Science Day took place on Wednesday 3rd July. The younger children had a wonderful day learning about air pressure, gravity and resistance. They spent the day creating rocket mice with a plastic bottle and a mouse template. They documented the materials needed, the method used and the conclusions from the experiment. Different-sized bottles were used to see how they would affect the height when launching the rockets. 

After the investigation, the children discussed the reasons behind the different launch heights, attributing them to differences in bottle size, air volume, and the pressure applied when squeezing the bottle. Additionally, they noted variations in the softness of the plastic bottles.

The classrooms were filled with excitement as the children tested their rockets. Their engagement and enthusiasm were truly delightful to witness!


The older children were testing different designs of aeroplanes to test the 4 forces and spent lots of fun seeing how far their aeroplane could fly.



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