Holland House School

Holland House School

Year 3 Trip to Knebworth House

This term, Year 3 got the wonderful opportunity to go on a field trip to Knebworth House. The day was filled with enriching activities designed to inspire our young writers.

The students had a fabulous time immersing themselves in the history of Knebworth House and its grounds, providing the perfect backdrop to ignite their creativity. Each room in the house offered new vocabulary, historical insights, and a setting for their imaginative stories to take shape. It was heartwarming to see them craft their tales using vivid sensory details of their surroundings. Year 3 looks forward to sending our stories back to Knebworth House, where they will be archived alongside many amazing authors.

Following our Inspiring Young Writers workshop in the morning, the children explored the Adventure Playground with boundless energy and enthusiasm. Climbing in Fort Knebworth, zooming down the zipline, and conquering the obstacle course created lasting memories of fun and laughter.

It was a lovely way to celebrate all the hard work and learning Year 3 has accomplished this year.