A Welcome from the Headmistress

It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Holland House School website.  Here, you will find a flavour of what we do at Holland House and what we achieve.

Perhaps, we are most noted for our high academic achievements that are consistently recorded in the context of a vibrant and entertaining school curriculum.  At this school, we believe that fun and learning are not incompatible.

We are at the forefront of teaching our youngest children to read independently by a method that is currently endorsed by The Department for Education.  Our School Magazine is a forum for some of the most imaginative and articulate writing that is to be found among such young children.  First, arithmetic and, then, mathematics enjoy the highest priority at Holland House too, as our consistently outstanding achievements in 11+ entrance examinations to some of the leading secondary schools verify.  Children at Holland House are literate and numerate.

Besides the 3Rs, the same approach to learning is to be found in our studies in Science, Geography and History so that children may acquire an appropriate breadth of knowledge. 

In addition to the academic life of the School, we put on plays, dance and sing.  On most afternoons of the week, a range of extra-curricular activities are on offer.

I have always sought to bring together the best of traditional teaching without sacrificing a modern teaching style.  Our teachers bring kindness and gentleness to the task of educating their young pupils.  At this school, we do not embrace modernity merely for its own sake, though we do not reject modern ideas when they are consistent with best learning practice.  The purpose of everything we do at Holland House School is to educate the minds of young children, to civilise them and give them the happiest of times in the important years of their childhood.

I extend an invitation to you to visit this school that I, its Head, love dearly.


Irina Tyk
Headmistress, Holland House School
January 2012
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