Aims & Ethos

 Aims & Ethos

Holland House is an academically selective school that provides a high-quality learning environment which aims to provide an opportunity for every child to reach their potential. We recognise each child to be unique with individual needs and talents. We support pupils’ development in a stimulating and creative academic environment. Pupils are well prepared for their next school and for their future lives in a fast moving and challenging world.

Holland House School Aims:

  1. Providing a school where children are happy, secure and productive
  2. Providing an education with breadth and strong academic foundations through which pupils’ flourish
  3. Providing an education underpinned by strong relationships between teachers, pupils and parents 
  4. Imparting the best of traditional values as a central theme running through a Holland House education
  5. Fostering robust relationships with leading secondary schools
  6. Rewarding achievement in whatever field

Our aim is to provide a school where children are happy and productive.  We believe that education can be fun and that enjoyment of school life does not preclude high academic achievement

We believe that confidence and self-esteem, even in the young child, follow intellectual development be it academic or moral.

All children are strongly motivated by the staff to give of their best in the belief that every child has something important to offer.  Achievement, in whatever field, is rewarded.

Each child is helped to discover and do what is right, to continually develop all the qualities of good character, including productiveness, honesty and justice to all.

Holland House School seeks to identify the most that each child can do and then make it possible for each child to achieve the most.


School Rules

Holland House School is committed to providing a high standard of education to ensure academic excellence and to encourage pupils to achieve their highest potential in an environment that respects the individual and values of honesty, fairness and tolerance.

Pupils are expected to behave courteously at all times and show respect towards other pupils, to all members of staff, teaching and non-teaching and to all members of the school community.

  • The School Prospectus and the School Website give updated information about the School.
  • Queries and requests for information should be directed to the School Office.
  • The School day begins at 08:50 and ends at 15:30.  The School gate opens at 08:30.  Pupils are expected to wait in the School playground until the 08:50 bell, with the exception of Reception pupils who go straight to their classroom.  Pupils are expected to leave promptly at 15:30 unless they are staying for an after-school activity.
  • Pupils should not miss school days.  Letters requesting special leave of absence must be handed in to the School Office and permission for absence may be given at the discretion of the Head.
  • All pupils are expected to wear the correct school uniform and have the correct games and PE kits.
  • All pupils take home a weekly class timetable.  There is a morning break from 10:30 – 11:00 and an afternoon break after lunch.
  • Pupils are expected to attend all school outings, sports day, sports matches against other schools, Christmas concert and Prizegiving.
  • All text books and exercise books are provided by the School.  Pupils should bring their own pencils, pens, rulers, etc as appropriate, with the exception of the Reception class.
  • Homework is set on a daily basis and the amount varies according to each class.  Pupils are expected to complete their homework promptly, neatly and independently.
  • Pupils are not allowed to bring in any electronic equipment e.g. mobile phones, ipads, games consoles, etc.
  • School reports are issued twice a year, at the end of the autumn term and at the end of the academic year. 
  • Hot school lunches are provided and there is always a choice.
  • There are optional after-school classes in Chess, Dancing, Judo and Zumba.
  • Pupils are expected to be ready to learn and participate in school activities.  Punctuality is important.  Pupils should take care of school property, furniture and the school building. Courteous behaviour should be the norm and the use of offensive language, bullying and physical roughness in any form are not tolerated on the school premises.

The Holland House community of Governors, staff, parents and pupils adhere to an established code of conduct.  Staff are committed to excellence, aiming to achieve a spirit of trust and cooperation.  The School expects the highest standard of behaviour at all times.



Holland House School is firmly committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and expects all staff to share this commitment.

Safeguarding is a priority at Holland House School with arrangements in place to ensure pupils feel and are safe on School premises and during off site activities. A pupil’s experience of school and academic achievements are paramount and safeguarding initiatives are in place to support and ensure the safety of each child.

The School ensures safeguarding legislation and guidance are adhered to and taken into account when developing and revisiting policies, procedures and associated arrangements.  Safeguarding policies are regularly reviewed and updated on at least an annual basis.

The School provides a safe physical environment for its pupils and staff, ensuring that equipment and premises are of a good standard. Health & Safety arrangements are in place to ensure adherence to current legislation and guidance. 

Applicants for positions at the School will be subject to recruitment and selection procedures designed to emphasise the School’s commitment to the safeguarding of its pupils and staff.  The procedures include questioning at interview stage, verification of appropriate qualification(s), acquiring references, appropriate Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) checks and the checking of barred lists as necessary.

The School has a Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL) for Child Protection (Child Protection Officer) who has extensive experience of Safeguarding issues within a school environment.  Training is regularly undertaken by the DSL who keeps up-to-date so as to ensure that any Safeguarding issues that may come up are brought to the attention of all Staff as necessary. 

The School has policies and procedures in place to deal effectively with child protection and safeguarding issues, together with recording and monitoring processes.  These are reviewed regularly and updated on at least an annual basis.

It is a condition of employment that all staff are trained to a level appropriate to their Safeguarding responsibilities. Staff are expected to attend internal and external training and awareness sessions covering safeguarding issues. Staff undertake training on at least an annual basis. 

The School’s commitment to safeguarding is paramount to the success of the pupils.  School Governors, the Headmistress and the Child Protection Officer continue to keep abreast of developments in this area and implement arrangements to continually improve the safety and awareness of its pupils, staff and volunteers. 

Holland House School 

September  2017


Prevent Duty Risk Assessment

The School has undertaken a Risk Assesment and can conclude that the likelihood of any pupil at Holland House School being exposed to radicalisation is minimal.  Training has been undertaken and procedures are in place so that, should anything be flagged up/come to light, appropriate measures can be taken.