Year 6 recital at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre in Kenton

On Wednesday 14 March 2018, Year 6 pupils performed to a most appreciative and responsive audience at the Neighbourhood Resource Centre in Kenton, with singing directed by Mr Isaacson; poems; some of which were written by the children, piano recitals and dancing.  The children were dynamic and sincere in their roles.  This is an annual visit that is very special to the clients at the Centre.  

One of our governors, attended, and this is his description of the event: 

“On 14th March I arrived early at the Kenmore Neighbourhood Resource Centre to find service users and staff awaiting the arrival of Year 6 to perform their annual entertainment of songs, solo music items, poems and dance. Several of the audience of some 20 disabled ladies and gentlemen remembered previous years’ shows and were excited and eager. One man with limited speech kept repeating “School!” with a broad smile on his face.

The performance opened with four numbers from the eight-strong choir. Rhythm shone through all the different acts, and for the opening slot, this was no static choir: they swung, they swayed, their movements were co-ordinated, just as their voices harmonised. We enjoyed afresh ever-popular Abba tunes and other fun and romantic songs.

The poem “The Tigers and the Snail” was then performed for us. Two human tigers in costume roared convincingly with five other children contributing to the pleasing amusing effect.

The poem “Dancing Ice” was acted out by a total of six children, who jumped and moved to the words. All the poems today combined humorous touches with clarity and precision.

Two accomplished pianists then offered us their pieces (in one case his own composition).

Six children performed the poem “The Mouse, the Frog and the Little Red Hen” with colourful costumes and dramatic strength. Three more solo pianists gave us memorable and impressive renditions of classical pieces. The entertainment concluded with a spectacular display from six children dancing in the Latin American way: three boys and three girls eyeing one another’s moves and finally dancing together - a fitting climax to a much-enjoyed programme.

I feel that both performers and audience will carry happy memories of the morning for a long time. As the girls and boys mingled with the ladies and gentlemen, there were lots of smiles and laughter: giving and receiving had both been happily and sincerely experienced. Many congratulations to Year 6 and to their mentors: Ms Economides, Mr Isaacson and Mrs Brown.”